Christian Ministry of Barbados


Arlington Pinder-Marshall and Ruby Christian Church’s mission is winning the lost whatever the cost. The Great Commission that says to make disciples is their mission. They exist to evangelize the lost and to edify and instruct the saved with God’s Word, to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of others and to be a conscience in Barbados and the other Caribbean islands. Their mission also includes growing daily in Christ and in number and to serve the Caribbean islands in love and with the guidance of God. The vision of the ministry is to win the lost, grow spiritually and numerically, to train Christian workers and leaders, to build the Worship center on the property, to offer hope to everyone and to start other churches on Barbados and other Caribbean islands.

Ruby Christian Church

Ruby Christian Church was established in June 1994.  The first 2 years, the church met in the upstairs of a building on the Jezreel Camp site.  The next five years, Hilda Skeene Primary School was their home.  In 2000, land was bought in Duncan’s Corner.  The house on the property was converted to a church and an annex connected to it.  This is where the church meets now and they are in the process of building a new church behind the present one.  Besides Sunday morning worship, Ruby has Sunday School classes, new convert classes, Tuesday night Prayer and Bible Study,  a men’s ministry, women’s ministry, youth ministry, a children’s ministry called JOY Club, and a marriage ministry called Building Strong Marriages in Christ.  Ruby works with the other Christian churches on Barbados as well as the Windward Island School of Evangelism and with the Alness Revival Christian Church in Guyana