From Honduras to Barbados, Commission Encounter can help you with planning an international mission trip abroad.


Commission Encounter is partnered with Rob Esposito, a full-time missionary in Honduras. Rob is now in the process of building a camp with the primary focus on reaching teens in central Honduras, in order to provide a safe and fun place for them to come and learn/experience the love of God through Christ. Commission Encounter assists Rob and his family in their various ministry efforts.

Commission Encounter Honduras is called to partner with churches, ministries, pastors, and directly with teens and young adults to provide relevant and well-balanced ministry experiences that focus on three specific areas: community, outreach and discipleship. 1 Timothy 4:12 “Do not let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to everyone in what you say, in how you love, in your faith and in your purity.” We will accomplish this by:
1. Working with pastors, youth pastors and volunteer leaders by providing resources and training needed for churches and other ministries to fulfill their calling.
2. Working directly with teens/young adults in and around the Tegucigalpa area and surrounding villages.
Commission Encounter Honduras is currently working to begin a church plant in the rural village of Pespire. Currently, there are no Christian churches near the area, and people are meeting in house church services. However, the potential for ministry in this area is great and Rob’s family is also currently working to relocate in order to work to further the goal set by God for this community.


Arlington Pinder-Marshall and his family have been missionaries on this beautiful island for many years. Arlington currently has multiple programs up and running for Ruby Christian Church and is looking to reach the lost no matter the cost.
The vision of the ministry in Barbados is to win the lost, grow spiritually and numerically, to train Christian workers and leaders, to build the Worship Center on the property, to offer hope to everyone, and to start other churches in Barbados and other Caribbean islands.
On a trip to Barbados, you will have the opportunity to serve alongside the people of Ruby Christian church to minister to the community of Bridgetown, Barbados. You will be able to participate in a work project to aid the church or a local person in need as well as aid in an outreach project such as a VBS or Crusade.

What does a week with CE look like?

A “typical” mission week with Commission Encounter will consist of meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of the Community we are serving. We will usually have some sort of work project like repairs to a building, cleaning for the elderly, serving in the local food pantry, etc. However, we will also have an outreach event as well such as; a Vacation Bible School, a revival, a block party, evangelism outreach, etc.

What should you bring? Go to our Packing page to see our recommended list.