Commission Encounter Honduras is called to partner with churches, ministries, pastors, and directly with teens and young adults to provide relevant and well-balanced ministry experiences that focus on three specific areas: community, outreach and discipleship. 1 Timothy 4:12 “Do not let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to everyone in what you say, in how you love, in your faith and in your purity.” We will accomplish this by:
1. Working with pastors, youth pastors and volunteer leaders by providing resources and training needed for churches and other ministries to fulfill their calling.
2. Working directly with teens/young adults in and around the Tegucigalpa area and surrounding villages.
Commission Encounter Honduras has a church plant in the rural village of Pespire. Edwin is now the minister of this church plant and he is very passionate about his ministry and his church.

Building project

The building in Pespire is mostly complete. We also have a working water pump that gives us fresh, clean water when there is need. Our goal is to put in ceramic tiles, and to adjust the stairs to be a little more efficient and level.


We have several teams going to Honduras every year. From building projects, a leadership conference  and a camp for child who are battling cancer, God is moving in mighty ways in Honduras. Some of our building projects include giving families a shower and bathroom for the first time in their lives or fixing walls or roofs for other families. These teams will also spend time with the church family in Pespire.


We have been able to help so many people in Honduras with the generous sacrifices of so many people that support Commission Encounter. We have been able to help a family with a Down’s Syndrome child. We have been able to help a young man of 35 who has Parkinson’s Disease. We have been able to help another family with many children with food and other needs. A widowed lady whose roof was full of holes was able to replace the bad metal on her roof last because we were able to buy her metal to fix her roof. Many families have received food, clothes, medicines, visits, prayers, support and help. The ministry continues to grow and we continue to spread the Gospel and be the hands and feet of Jesus in Pespire. 



Dominican Republic:

Nearly two decades ago, Pastor Michell Marte felt God calling him to move his family to the town of Navarrete. At the time, he was unsure of what God had in store, but he remained obedient. Michell began hosting small services in his sister’s home. At one of the services, he asked if anyone wanted to accept God; one individual raised their hand. It only took this one raised hand to light the spark inside of Michell’s heart. Now located in the neighboring community of Pontón, Michell often reflects on those services in his sister’s home and how they paved the way for three churches and a Christian Elementary School.


Michell runs the school and has been blessed to be able to add a grade to his school each year as his students progress. The teachers at the school work hard to ensure the students receive their education. So far there are preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade teachers at the school


Michell preaches at two of the churches they have planted in the Dominican, this obviously takes up a good portion of his time. Michell is also working on a building project for a third church. There are several teams scheduled to head down to the Dominican Republic this coming year to help with the building and the churches. Commission Encounter is excited for the opportunity to partner with Michell and his ministry. We pray that God will continue to bless Michell’s efforts and that God will provide for the needs of this ministry.

Uganda and Brazil:


In these two locations Commission Encounter has parterned with Trubuilder to dig wells for communities so that they can have clean drinking water. We have been able to dig one well each year in both Uganda and Brazil.


Along with the wells in Ugands, we have also parterend with Fred Dima, a missionary who runs orphanages to children who tragically lost their parents to mass genocide in their villages back in 2010. Fred supplies food, medicine, school supplies and other needs for all of the children in his orphanages.

What does a week with CE look like?

A “typical” mission week with Commission Encounter will consist of meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of the Community we are serving. We will usually have some sort of work project like repairs to a building, cleaning for the elderly, serving in the local food pantry, etc. However, we will also have an outreach event as well such as; a Vacation Bible School, a revival, a block party, evangelism outreach, etc.