A national trip usually consists of traveling a certain distance, and comfort zone stretching, without actually leaving the country for a trip. These trips are usually about 8 days long, with at least 24 hrs devoted to travel time.

Our “national” trip location is Show Low, Az. We have had a partnership with Without Reservation Ministries to minister to the Indian reservation in Show Low since 2019.  

Currently, Without Reservation Ministries works alongside the people of the White Mountains to bring hope and second chances to the lost and hurting and those that are in need to be shown Christ’s love.


We usually take 1-2 trips a year to this are, where the team work alongside the directors, Matt and Karen McLean and the people of White Mountain Apache Christian Church with both physical and spiritual projects throughout the week.

What does a week with CE look like?

A “typical” mission week with Commission Encounter will consist of meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of the Community we are serving. We will usually have some sort of work project like repairs to a building, cleaning for the elderly, serving in the local food pantry, etc. However, we will also have an outreach event as well such as; a Vacation Bible School, a revival, a block party, evangelism outreach, etc.

What should you bring? Go to our Packing page to see our recommended list.